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Exclusive Services

We are 1 on 1 Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaches. Your results come from 3 different services provided by us. Nutrition, structured workouts, and accountability. 


When it comes to looking and feeling a certain way, nutrition is top priority. When you work with us, you do not have to give up your favorite foods. You also do not have to eat chicken and rice four times a day. We teach our clients how to maintain a healthy and sustainable relationship with food. In our nutrition app, we help our clients reach their daily macronutrients and daily caloric intake based on their specific goals. Whether they want to lose fat, build muscle, or maintain a healthy body. We do not believe in a “diet”. We simply recommend healthy food options, meal plans, and specific foods catered to our clients to help them reach their goals.


Structured Workouts

In order to build, shred, or maintain a healthy body, workouts are essential. In our fitness app, clients are assigned monthly programs. Starting off with the basics, each program must be completed in order to get to the next level. These programs are catered to your schedule and of course, your specific goal. Clients receive exercise videos of us performing and explaining each exercise. The videos go into detail explaining form, technique, and tempo and demonstrate exactly how the exercise should be performed. Clients also receive detailed warm-up videos of us, as well as recovery stretching videos. If an exercise cannot be performed, we will adjust accordingly. A new exercise will be assigned and the video will be available. 



When it comes to getting in shape and staying there, consistency is key. We hold all of our clients accountable by sending out morning announcements, as well as having weekly check-ins. Clients also have access to us at any time with questions or concerns about anything. We understand how overwhelming starting your health and fitness journey can be. So, if 1 on 1 Coaching seems too much to start with, we understand. With previous clients, their results started with first focusing on their nutrition. Once they understood what healthier options they should be consuming and started seeing results from losing fat, they then incorporated a structured workout program leading them to see more results! Starting your health and fitness can be done at any pace. We are 1 on 1 Online Coaches to help guide you along your way no matter how slow or how fast you’d like to reach your goal. 

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